Beach House Vs. Hotel

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Beach House Vs. Hotel

Why a Beach House May be a Great Option for your Family


Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Beach HousePhoto Credit TripAdvisor

By: Heather McCoy

    You're planning a vacation. That's great! Vacations are full of fun and relaxation, but first you have to make some decisions first.  You have to choose where you will go, what time of year is best, and where you will stay. You’ve decided to go to the beach (we highly recommend Sunset Beach, NC).  You may start deciding between a beach house or a hotel. You may have never considered a beach house, but maybe you should. Maybe the price seems unreasonable and out of budget; but is it really? Beach houses can offer many perks; and if you plan correctly, can be budget friendly. Here is five reasons a beach house is a perfect option for you.


1. Privacy

Depending on which hotel you are considering, hotels can offer many amenities such as room service, maid service, laundry service, continental breakfast and a hotel bar/restaurant. However, privacy is one area that hotels are not very good at providing. We’ve all been there—enter one of several doors in a long hallway into a small room with two beds, a small sink vanity and one bathroom. If you’re lucky, you may have a balcony side-by-side with your neighbor.

A beach house can give your family plenty of privacy from other families, and even provide individual privacy within the house. After a long morning at the beach or sight-seeing, it is very helpful to have comfortable rooms that kids can go and get some rest while waiting for lunch. It’s even a greater help to have multiple showers so that no one has to wait to clean the beach away before taking their rest.  While some locations have beach houses very close together, there is still always some space between you and your neighbor. Most houses offer a private backyard which is great for playing and cooking-out- something you are likely not to find with a hotel.


2. Comfort

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Hotels can be great, but the comfort they provide can be lacking. Many would not want to stay in a hotel room all day, but may not want to necessarily be on the go all day every day. Beach houses definitely have this issue covered. We already discussed how nice it is for the kids to retreat to their own room for a much-needed rest, but it goes much deeper than that. For our family, the evenings and nights are a lively time. This is when we play games, watch movies and just in general spend time together. It is nothing but normal to find someone in the living room watching a show, someone at one table putting a puzzle together, the youngest making Hot Wheels tracks down the stairs, someone on the deck listening to the coast and someone in the kitchen getting a snack. This is when the kids are their liveliest—not quiet at all. These things are just not possible in a hotel room. A hotel room barely fits the luggage for the week, much less activities. Truth be told, the beach is great, but it is this time that makes the vacation truly worth it!


3. Convenience

While a beach house may not provide room service or a daily maid service, it can provide a much great convenience. Eating out can be great. We love it and have many favorite spots, but it can be a burdensome to HAVE to eat out for every meal.  In a beach house, you can get your cup of coffee and sit on the deck in your bathrobe. Most beach rentals are fully stocked with utensils, pots, pans, bakeware, etc.  You can also opt for easier meals such as cereal, or cook a full spread right from your home-for-a-week kitchen. Without having to find a place to eat, drive there, wait on food, then eat and drive back, you are saving valuable vacation time. That is more time you get to spend with your family having fun.

But the convenience does not stop there. Beach homes also offer things such as outdoor water spouts (for washing sand of toys, feet, and other beach supplies), washer and dryers, and grills. You can pack much less with the ability to wash and dry clothes at your own time. You can place a load in the washer, then tend to it once you get back from the beach. You are not tied down to a hotel laundry room.


4. Family Owned

Unfortunately, you will not find very many family-owned hotels anymore. Most are managed by big chains. When you choose to stay at one of their hotels, you truly are just a number. You being there, or not there, is like a drop in a bucket. They hardly notice. However, vacation homes, for the most part, are owned by families. Those families depend on their vacation home being rented out to other families. As a result, they truly do care whether you are pleased with the home and your stay. Many leave guest books, because the owners truly love to hear about other families having fun and making memories. When you visit a place like Sunset Beach, you are truly engulfed into a family community. The homeowners work hard to make sure the home is a place you want to stay, and the community works hard to make it a place you want to visit. The community and homeowners truly work together to make sure you have a wonderful vacation.

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5. Budget Friendly

Yes, you heard me right. Vacation homes can be very budget friendly. They do come with big price tags. You may even think that the owners are making a killing off of your vacation, but that simply is not the case.  Vacation homes come with a lot of expenses which includes maintenance, maid service, real estate agency fees and commission, and of course, the mortgage. In the end, you still get a place that is priced comparable to a hotel, and you get big space with big value. When choosing where to stay for you vacation, make that big space work for you. Partner up with family or friends, and split the cost of the rental. When looking at 6 area hotels from Ocean Isle to Myrtle Beach for a one week stay during June, the average cost per person is $459 based on four people*. When looking at a house such as Sunset Kisses the average cost is $236 per person with 8 people staying, or $473 per person if 4 people stay . Truly, a family of four can rent a home at a very comparable price, but can get great savings if they invite family or friends to share the cost.

 Besides the actual rental cost, there is more savings found in a beach house. As mentioned before, they have fully equipped kitchens, so you do not have to eat out as often. Home-cooked meals can save tons of money when vacationing on a budget. Also, you will be comfortable spending more time at the home and will save money on entertainment cost.



While there can be pros and cons to both vacation rentals and hotels, if you have a family, you will not be sorry with choosing a beach house. You may never look at a hotel the same again.



*Averages taken from TripAdvisor for The Winds, Ocean Isle Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn, and Best Western