How to Build a Sandcastle by a 7 year old

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How to Build a Sandcastle by a 7 year old

By: Caden Jenkins, 7 yrs old
with help from his aunt











1. Get all of your supplies
You’ll want to gather buckets, shovels, gates, and even Tonka Trucks. Caden likes to use multiple bucket-sizes. But, remember, what you take to the beach, you must bring back.


2. Get to the beach!
The most important part of sandcastle-building, is to be at the beach. Caden’s favorite beach is obviously Sunset Beach. He says Sunset Beach, “has the best sand, the best waves and our beach house is big!”


3. Put the sand in you bucket
Buckets are the most accessible when building a sandcastle, but you can get creative with your tools. I’ve even seen some use PVC pipe or cement forms to build their castle. Caden says, “Don’t forget to use wet sand. Just don’t get it to wet!”


4. Use your buckets to build your sandcastle
Caden likes to use the larger buckets to make the four corners of the castle. Then he’ll stack smaller buckets on his corner sand pillars. Caden says, “Keep with it. You have to keep filling your buckets over and over.” Sometimes, he will take a break, and his mom or myself will take over.


5. Belly Flop on it
You can leave your castle for the tide to take it away, but Caden thinks its more fun to smash it. More specifically, stomp on, jump on, run through and belly-flop on the sandcastle. I think this is Caden’s favorite part.


6. Relax
You’ve worked hard on building and tear downing your castle… it is time to relax. After all, you are at the beach!